Oz Forensics System is supported by most modern operating systems and mobile devices. Also, it can be provided as Docker containers. Please check the compatibility matrix below.



  • Oz API

  • Oz Liveness

  • Oz Biometry

  • Oz Web UI

  • Oz Liveness Web Adapter

Recommended OS versions with corresponding containers. If you use another version, please consult with our team.

  • Redhat 7: Docker

  • Redhat 8: Podman*

  • Redhat 9: Podman*

  • Oracle Linux 9: Podman*

  • CentOS 9: Podman*

  • Debian 10: Docker

  • Debian 12: Podman*

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: Podman*

  • Amazon Linux 2023: Podman*

Oz Android SDK

  • Android 5+


  • iOS 11+

Oz Liveness Web Plugin

Browsers with JavaScript ES6 support. Please check the Browser compatibility

* Please note that, by default, the Podman containers do not automatically start after system reboot. To enable automatic startup, apply this patch.

sed -i 's/always/unless-stopped/g' /usr/lib/systemd/system/podman-restart.service
systemctl daemon-reload

You may also refer to the Linux documentation for further assistance.

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