Oz API Lite

What is Oz API Lite, when and how to use it.

Oz API Lite is the lightweight yet powerful version of Oz API. The Lite version is less resource-demanding, more productive, and easier to work with. The analyses are made within the API Lite image. As Oz API Lite doesn't include any additional services like statistics or data storage, this version is the one to use when you need a high performance.

Examples of methods

To check the Liveness processor, call GET /v1/face/liveness/health.

To check the Biometry processor, call GET /v1/face/pattern/health.

To perform the liveness check for an image, call POST /v1/face/liveness/detect (it takes an image as an input and displays the evaluation of spoofing attack chance in this image)

To compare two faces in two images, call POST /v1/face/pattern/extract_and_compare (it takes two images as an input, derives the biometry templates from these images, and compares them).

To compare an image with a bunch of images, call POST /v1/face/pattern/extract_and_compare_n.

For the full list of Oz API Lite methods, please refer to API Methods.

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