Getting a License for Android SDK

You can generate the trial license here or contact us by email to get a productive license. To create the license, your applicationId (bundle id) is required.

To pass your license file to the SDK, call the OzLivenessSDK.init method with a list of LicenseSources. Use one of the following:

  • LicenseSource.LicenseAssetId should contain a path to a license file called forensics.license, which has to be located in the project's res/raw folder.

  • LicenseSource.LicenseFilePath should contain a file path to the place in the device's storage where the license file is located.

    object : StatusListener<LicensePayload> {
        override fun onSuccess(result: LicensePayload) { /*check the license payload*/ }
        override fun onError(error: OzException) { /*handle the exception */ }

In case of any license errors, the onError function is called. Use it to handle the exception as shown above. Otherwise, the system will return information about license. To check the license data manually, use the getLicensePayload method.

Possible License Errors

Error messageWhat to Do

License error. License at (your_URI) not found

The license file is missing. Please check its name and path to the file.

License error. Cannot parse license from (your_URI), invalid format

The license file is somehow damaged. Please email us the file.

License error. Bundle is not in the list allowed by license (bundle.id1, bundle.id2)

The bundle (application) identifier you specified is missing in the allowed list. Please check the spelling, if it is correct, you need to get another license for your application.

License error. Current date yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss is later than license expiration date yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

Your license has expired. Please contact us.

License is not initialized. Call 'OzLivenessSDK.init before using SDK

You haven't initialized the license. Call OzLivenessSDK.init with your license data as explained above.

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