License Server

How to install an offline licensing server

Oz Forensics provides flexible licensing rules for all products. To support licensing for servers without an Internet connection, you need to install an offline license server.

How to Install an Offline Licensing Server

You can install the software on any Linux-based non-virtual server. Contact us to get the files needed and follow the steps below.

1. Unpack the Software

mkdir /opt/oz
cd /opt/oz
tar xzf oz-lic.tar.gz

2. Install the License Service

./LexFloatServer -p product.dat -c config.yml -i --service-name ozlic

The installation is complete. For the next steps, use the Web interface on port 8090.

3. Activate the License

Open the default page in your Web browser http://server:8090 and authorize with your login and password.

Go to theSettings section.

Online activation

The easiest way to activate the license server is via the Internet. Enter the license key and click ACTIVATE.

Offline activation

If your server isn't connected to the Internet, use the offline activation option. Click the SWITCH TO OFFLINE ACTIVATION link.

Enter the license key and hit NEXT.


You'll get the offline_activation_request.txt file. Send it to us to receive the activation code.

Enter the activation code in the offline activation response window and hit ACTIVATE.

Activate modules

Oz Api Lite

Add an extra command line parameter with the LICENSE_KEY environment variable with license server host address and port.

docker run -e LICENSE_KEY="http://ip-address:8090" ...

Oz Bio

Create the license.key file with the content of license host and IP and bind this file to your container:

echo "http://ip-address:8090" > license.key
docker run -v `pwd`/license.key:/license.key ...

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