iOS SDK changes


  • Internal SDK improvements.


  • Internal SDK improvements.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Logging updates.


  • Security updates.


  • The sample is now available on SwiftUI. Please find it here.

  • Added a description for the error that occurs when providing an empty string as an ID in the addFolderID method.

  • Bug fixes.


  • The messages displayed by the SDK after uploading media have been synchronized with Android.

  • The bug causing analysis delays that might have occurred for the One Shot gesture has been fixed.


  • The length of the Selfie gesture is now configurable (affects the video file size).

  • You can set your own logo instead of Oz logo if your license allows it.

  • Removed the pause after the Scan gesture.

  • The code in is now up-to-date.

  • Security and logging updates.


  • Security updates.


  • Changed the default behavior in case a localization key is missing: now the English string value is displayed instead of a key.

  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Internal licensing improvements.


  • Implemented the possibility of using a master license that works with any bundle_id.

  • Fixed the bug with background color flashing.


  • Bug fixes.


  • The Analysis structure now contains the sizeReductionStrategy field. This field defines what type of media is being sent to the server in case of the hybrid analysis once the on-device analysis is finished successfully.

  • The messages for the errors that are retrieved from API are now detailed.

  • The toFrameGradientColor option in hintAnimationCustomization is now deprecated, please use the hintGradientColor option instead.

  • Got back the iOS 11 support.


  • If multiple analyses are applied to the folder simultaneously, the system sends them as a group. It means that the “worst” of the results will be taken as resolution, not the latest. Please refer to this article for details.

  • For the Liveness analysis, the system now treats the highest score as a quantitative result. The Liveness analysis output is described here.


  • Updated the Liveness on-device model.

  • Added the Portuguese (Brazilian) locale.

  • You can now add a custom or update an existing language pack. The instructions can be found here.

  • If a media hasn't been uploaded correctly, the system now repeats the upload.

  • Added a new method to retrieve the telemetry (logging) identifier: getEventSessionId.

  • The setPermanentAccessToken, configure and login methods are now deprecated. Please use the setApiConnection method instead.

  • The setLicense(from path:String) method is now deprecated. Please use the setLicense(licenseSource: LicenseSource) method instead.

  • Fixed some bugs and improved the SDK work.


  • Fixed some bugs and improved the SDK algorithms.


  • Added the new analysis mode – hybrid (Liveness only). If the score received from an on-device analysis is too high, the system initiates a server-based analysis as an additional check.

  • Improved the on-device models.

  • Updated the run method.

  • Added new structures: RequestStatus (analysis state), ResultMedia (analysis result for a single media) and RequestResult (consolidated analysis result for all media).

  • The updated AnalysisResult structure should be now used instead of OzAnalysisResult.

  • For the OZMedia object, you can now specify additional tags that are not included into our tags list.

  • The Selfie video length is now about 0.7 sec, the file size and upload time are reduced.

  • The hint text width can now exceed the frame width (when using the main camera).

  • The methods below are no longer supported:

Removed method












  • Added the center hint background customization.

  • Added new face frame forms (Circle, Square).

  • Added the antiscam widget and its customization. This feature allows you to alert your customers that the video recording is being conducted, for instance, for loan application purposes. The purpose of this is to safeguard against scammers who may attempt to deceive an individual into approving a fraudulent transaction.

  • Synchronized the default customization values with Android.

  • Added the Spanish locale.

  • iOS 11 is no longer supported, the minimal required version is 12.


  • Fixed the issue with the server-based One shot analysis.


  • Improved the SDK algorithms.


  • Fixed error handling when uploading a file to API. From this version, an error will be raised to a host application in case of an error during file upload.


  • Improved the on-device Liveness.


  • Fixed the animation for sunglasses/mask.

  • Fixed the bug with the .document analysis.

  • Updated the descriptions of customization methods and structures.


  • Updated the TensorFlow version to 2.11.

  • Fixed several bugs, including the Biometry check failures on some phone models.


  • Added customization for the hint animation.


  • Integrated a new model.

  • Added the uploadMedia method to AnalysisRequest. The addMedia method is now deprecated.

  • Fixed the combo analysis error.

  • Added a button to reset the SDK theme and language settings.

  • Fixed some bugs and localization issues.

  • Extended the network request timeout to 90 sec.

  • Added a setting for the animation icon size.


  • Implemented a range of UI customization options and switched to the new design. To restore the previous settings, please refer to this article.



  • Synchronized the version numbers with Android SDK.

  • Added a new field to the Analysis structure. The params field is for any additional parameters, for instance, if you need to set extracting the best shot on server to true. The best shot algorithm chooses the most high-quality frame from a video.

  • Fixed some localization issues.

  • Changed the Combo gesture.

  • Now you can launch the Liveness check to analyze images taken with another SDK.


  • The Zoom in and Zoom out gestures are no longer supported.


  • Added a new simplified analysis structure – AnalysisRequest.


  • Added methods of on-device analysis: runOnDeviceLivenessAnalysis and runOnDeviceBiometryAnalysis.

  • You can choose the installation version. Standard installation gives access to full functionality. The core version (OzLivenessSDK/Core) installs SDK without the on-device functionality.

  • Added a method to upload data to server and start analyzing it immediately: uploadAndAnalyse.

  • Improved the licensing process, now you can add a license when initializing SDK: OZSDK(licenseSources: [LicenseSource], completion: @escaping ((LicenseData?, LicenseError?) -> Void)), where LicenseSource is a path to physical location of your license, LicenseData contains the license information.

  • Added the setLicense method to force license adding.


  • Added the Turkish locale


  • Added the Kyrgyz locale

  • Added Completion Handler for analysis results.

  • Added Error User Info to telemetry to show detailed info in case of an analysis error.


  • Added local on-device analysis.

  • Added oval and rectangular frames.

  • Added Xcode 12.5.1+ support.


  • Added SDK configuration with licenses.


  • Added the One Shot gesture.

  • Improved OZVerificationResult: added bestShotURL which contains the best shot image and preferredMediaURL which contains an URL to the best quality video.

  • When performing a local check, you can now choose a main or back camera.


  • Authorization sessions extend automatically

  • Updated authorization interfaces.


  • Added the Kazakh locale

  • Added license error texts


  • You can cancel network requests

  • You can specify Bundle for license

  • Added analysis parameterization documentAnalyse.

  • Fixed building errors (Xcode 12.4 / Cocoapods 1.10.1)


  • Added license support

  • Added Xcode 12 support instead of 11.

  • Fixed the documentAnalyse error where you had to fill analyseStates to launch the analysis

  • Fixed logging

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