Uploading Media

To launch one or more analyses for your media files, you need to create a folder via Oz API (or use an existing folder) and put the files into this folder. Each file should be marked by tags: they describe what's pictured in a media and determine the applicable analyses.

For API 4.0.8 and below, please note: if you want to upload a photo for the subsequent Liveness analysis, put it into the ZIP archive and apply the video-related tags.

To create a folder and upload media to it, call POST /api/folders/

To add files to the existing folder, call POST /api/folders/{{folder_id}}/media/

Add the files to the request body; tags should be specified in the payload.

Here's the example of the payload for a passive Liveness video and ID front side photo.

    "media:tags": { // this section sets the tags for the media files that you upload
    // media files are referenced by the keys in a multipart form
        "video1": [ // your file key
        // a typical set of tags for a passive Liveness video
            "video_selfie", // video of a person
            "video_selfie_blank", // no  used
            "orientation_portrait" // video orientation
        "photo1": [
        // a typical set of tags for an ID front side

An example of usage (Postman):

The successful response will return the folder data.

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