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WebUI changes


  • Updated the default report template.
  • The time filter now works properly for reports.
  • The Analyses duration bar chart now works properly.
  • Fixed the displaying of the Amount of Orders by Company chart.
  • Fixed minor bugs related to the blacklist photo displaying.


  • Updated the chart list, now you can create a chart according to:
    • Amount of orders by summary status,
    • Amount of orders by source,
    • Amount of analyses by type,
    • Amount of analyses by result type,
    • Amount of orders by company,
    • Analyses duration.
  • You can now check the API version in Settings.
  • Added new filters to the Orders section: "Analysis Type" and "Analysis Result".
  • The useless synchronization collection button is deleted.
  • Company deletion and report creation now work properly.
  • You cannot now delete a user with an order associated with them.
  • A user can review the images in analyses’ results even if they don’t have API access.
  • Once open in an order, media doesn’t get downloaded automatically anymore.
  • Line chart hints when the chart has several rows are now easier to read.
  • Fixed the minor bugs related to analyses and filters.


  • Updated the filters and charts logic
  • Improved the report form


  • Improved the work of Companies and Orders sections
  • Improved and optimized the Statistics module
  • Reports are now available in English


  • Renamed the Date field in filters to Date/time
  • Updated the password change workflow
  • Updated the report form
  • Changed options in the list of Operator decisions
  • Time filter on the Statistics page now works better


  • Deleted the useless Add Company button in the user editing form
  • The Statistics module now works better


  • On the statistics page, the date filter now works properly
  • If you choose to email credentials upon the user creation, and this email can't be delivered, the system won't create this user


  • Fixed a bunch of bugs
  • Deleted the PhotoExpert/Image Forensics analysis which hasn't been supported for a long time


  • On the Statistics page, added a company filter


  • Administrators obtained the rights to switch users on and off. Requires API v 3.31.0


  • Charts for meta fields are back


  • Added the best shot view to the Quality and Liveness analysis


  • Updated to Laravel 8 and PHP 8


  • You can now see how much time it takes to analyze
  • In statistics, company IDs are replaced by company names


  • Added the folder ID to the report filename


  • If you have several report templates, when creating a new report, you’ll be prompted to choose a report. Automatic selection is gone
  • Changed the folder creation process: the API profile can_start_analyse_* now determines whether an analysis can be launched or not
  • You can now manage the can_start_analyse_* user profile fields
  • When managing user, Admin or Client Admin can’t change the fields of can_start_analyse_* without having the access to it


  • Changed the authorization via API
  • Added a chart for the number of folders


  • Fixed the date/time folder in the folders list


  • Added the date/time folder to the folders list


  • The timezone has been moved to the user profile


  • Added a bar chart
  • Added the analyse.state filter
  • Now you can export folders as .xls


  • Saving a set of charts now works properly


  • Added new client charts
  • Added labels for the pie chart
  • You can now search for users via search_text


  • Removed the metadata charts
  • Cleared the default charts list


  • Added a new chart.


  • The Statistics link is now seen in the menu (with permissions and if the statistics exist)
  • Charts now can be saved; once saved, they are displayed opened in statistics


  • Localized charts


  • Added new statistics


  • Added a shot set support – media SHOTS_SET_FOLDER.


  • Added the statistics module


  • Manual decisions can be changed


  • Added client libraries for date/time displaying and improved client timezone recognition
  • Fixed date/time displaying
  • Added text wrapping for long metadata
  • Added the Client Operator role
  • Added manual decisions – a human can check whether the algorithms were right or not, and change the analysis result
  • Added manual decision displaying
  • Added buttons to view and make a decision
  • Only Admin и Client Admin can see an analyze deletion button


  • Added the timezone offset – it is stored in cookies and is added to timestamps on the client side. The offset can be removed using js
  • Fixed the server-side timezone offset


  • Added a default report template (.rml)


  • Added a customizable password generator
  • Added the password generation customization interface with testing
  • You can now send the user data via email. For additional recipients, use mail.use_bcc.
  • Added a default company template
  • You can now create a new company while adding new users


  • Added video orientation tags


  • The list of available analyzes now changes dynamically depending on what files you upload
  • Added a file list check on the server side. When the folder is created, we check what media are included in it, and upload only the appropriate analyses


  • You can see the program version in the Settings section
  • The Quality analysis result now displays only spoofing chances


  • Added a customizable date formatting for documents analysis


  • Removed the resolution status filter for the folder list


  • Changed the analyses queue forming method upon the folder creation


  • Added folder filters: ID, user, company, resolution. You can hide them if needed


  • Added the Photo Expert analysis
  • Added the backside document check


  • Folder owner details are now displayed
  • Regarding the user role, you might see an owner with their name, email address, and company
  • The User role doesn’t have access to see the folder owner
  • Only Admin and Operator can see the owner company


  • When you do something with a collection, its status updates


  • Fixed a bug related to filter fields deletion in the view folders section
  • The synchronization button gets animated when synchronization is needed
  • Changed the template and parser for the blacklist analysis
  • In the collection person list, names are now displayed


  • Users without company no longer see the company editing button
  • You can now manage the collection rebuilding – status indication, errors, status check


  • Changed the template management process
  • You can now download the source files
  • Fixed user management


  • You can now manage templates and collections (add/delete)
  • You can now add, edit, delete persons to collections, and work with related images
  • Updated the interface
  • Editing a company also allows managing its templates and collections


  • Now you can delete a folder while viewing it
  • Added labels to the user management buttons
  • Fixed content-length for new cURL versions


  • Added the “Errors only” filter to the documents analysis results
  • Switched off the liveness result in the Quality analysis
  • Fixed errors in user and company management


  • Added resolution status
  • Fixed reporting errors: from now on, to create a report a company should have at least one template
  • Fixed image tags
  • You can now see how many folders have appeared since you started to view the current folder list
  • You can now select what analyzes to launch


  • Fixed errors in long keys
  • Removed the temporary users
  • Removed the unnecessary timestamps
  • User links (especially companies) are fixed