To start using Oz iOS SDK, follow the steps below.

  1. Embed Oz iOS SDK into your project as described here.

  2. Get a trial license for SDK on our website or a production license by email. We'll need your bundle id. Add the license to your project as described here.

  3. Connect SDK to API as described here. This step is optional, as this connection is required only when you need to process data on a server. If you use the on-device mode, the data is not transferred anywhere, and no connection is needed.

  4. Capture videos by creating the controller as described here. You'll send them for analysis afterwards.

  5. Upload and analyze media you've taken at the previous step. The process of checking liveness and face biometry is described here.

  6. If you want to customize the look-and-feel of Oz iOS SDK, please refer to this section.


Recommended iOS version: 12 and higher.

Recommended Xcode version: 12.5 and higher.

Available languages: EN, ES, HY, KK, KY, TR, PT-BR.

A sample app source code using the Oz Liveness SDK is located in the GitLab repository:

Follow the link below to see a list of SDK methods and properties:

pageiOS SDK Methods and Properties

Download the demo app latest build here.

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