Android Localization: Adding a Custom or Updating an Existing Language Pack

Please note: this feature has been implemented in 8.1.0.

To add or update the language pack for Oz Android SDK, please follow these instructions:

The localization record consists of the localization key and its string value, e.g., <string name="about">"About"</string>.

  1. Go to the folder for the locale needed, or create a new folder. Proceed to this guide for the details.

  2. Create the file called strings.xml.

  3. Copy the strings from the attached file to your freshly created file.

  4. Redefine the strings you need in the appropriate localization records.

A list of keys for Android:

The keys action_*_go refer to the appropriate gestures. Others refer to the hints for any gesture, info messages, or errors.

When new keys appear with new versions, if no translation is provided in your file, the new strings are shown in English.

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