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Capturing Videos

Create a controller that will capture videos as follows:
let actions: [OZVerificationMovement] = [.selfie]
let ozLivenessVC: UIViewController = OZSDK.createVerificationVCWithDelegate(self, actions: actions)
self.present(ozLivenessVC, animated: true)
action – a list of user’s actions while capturing the video.
Once video is captured, the system calls the onOZLivenessResult method:
extension viewController: OZLivenessDelegate {
func onError(status: OZVerificationStatus?) {
// show error
func onOZLivenessResult(results: [OZMedia]) {
// proceed to the checks step
The method returns the results of video capturing: the [OZMedia] objects. The system uses these objects to perform checks.
If a user closes the capturing screen manually, the failedBecauseUserCancelled error appears.