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Adding SDK to a Client’s Mobile App

To install OZLivenessSDK, use the CocoaPods dependency manager. To integrate OZLivenessSDK into an Xcode project, add the following code to Podfile:
pod 'OZLivenessSDK', :git => 'https://gitlab.com/oz-forensics/oz-liveness-ios', :tag => 'VERSION'
Version is optional as, by default, the newest version is integrated. However, if necessary, you can find the older version number in Changelog.
By default, the full version is being installed. It contains both server-based and on-device analysis modes. To install the server-based version only, use the following code:
pod 'OZLivenessSDK/Core', :git => 'https://gitlab.com/oz-forensics/oz-liveness-ios.git', :tag => 'VERSION'