Adding SDK to a Client’s Mobile App

To install OZLivenessSDK, use the CocoaPods dependency manager. To integrate OZLivenessSDK into an Xcode project, add the following code to Podfile:

pod 'OZLivenessSDK', :git => '', :tag => 'VERSION'

Version is optional as, by default, the newest version is integrated. However, if necessary, you can find the older version number in Changelog.

Since 8.1.0, you can also use a simpler code:

// for the latest version
pod ‘OZLivenessSDK’
// OR, for the specific version
// pod ‘OZLivenessSDK’, ‘8.1.0’

By default, the full version is being installed. It contains both server-based and on-device analysis modes. To install the server-based version only, use the following code:

pod 'OZLivenessSDK/Core', :git => '',  :tag => 'VERSION'

For 8.1.0 and higher:

pod ‘OZLivenessSDK/Core’
// OR
// pod ‘OZLivenessSDK/Core’, ‘8.1.0’

You can also add the necessary frameworks to your project manually. Download the SDK files from here:

  • OZLivenessSDK.xcframework,

  • OZLivenessSDKOnDeviceResources.bundle,

  • OZLivenessSDKResources.bundle.

The TensorFlow framework can be found here.

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