How to Restore the Previous Design after an Update

If you want to get back to the previous (up to 6.4.2) versions' design, reset the customization settings of the capture screen and apply the parameters that are listed below.

// customization parameters for the toolbar
let toolbarCustomization = ToolbarCustomization(
   closeButtonColor: .white,
   backgroundColor: .black)

// customization parameters for the center hint
let centerHintCustomization = CenterHintCustomization(
   verticalPosition: 70)
// customization parameters for the center hint animation
let hintAnimationCustomization = HintAnimationCustomization(
    hideAnimation: true)

// customization parameters for the frame around the user face
let faceFrameCustomization = FaceFrameCustomization(
   strokeWidth: 6,
   strokeFaceAlignedColor: .green,
   strokeFaceNotAlignedColor: .red)

// customization parameters for the background outside the frame
let backgroundCustomization = BackgroundCustomization(
   backgroundColor: .clear)

OZSDK.customization = OZCustomization(toolbarCustomization: toolbarCustomization,
   centerHintCustomization: centerHintCustomization,
   hintAnimationCustomization: hintAnimationCustomization,
   faceFrameCustomization: faceFrameCustomization,
   versionCustomization: vesrionCustomization,
   backgroundCustomization: backgroundCustomization)

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