No-Server Licensing

Mostly, license is set on the server side (Web Adapter). This article covers a rare case when you use Web Plugin only.

To generate the license, we need the domain name of the website where you are going to use Oz Forensics Web SDK, for instance, You can also define subdomains.

To find the origin, in the developer mode, run window.origin on the page you are going to embed Oz Web SDK in. At localhost /, license can work without this information.

Set the license as shown below:

  • With license data:{
    license: {
        'payload_b64': 'some_payload',
        'signature': 'some_data',
        'enc_public_key': 'some_key'
  • With license path:{
    licenseUrl: 'https://some_url',

Check whether the license is updated properly.


Proceed to your website origin and launch Liveness -> Simple selfie.

Once the license is added, the system will check its validity on launch.

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