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API Error Codes

HTTP Response Codes

  • Response codes 2 XX indicate a correctly processed request (e.g., code 200 for retrieving data, code 201 for adding a new entity, code 204 for a correct deletion, etc.)
  • Response codes 4 XX indicate that a request could not be processed correctly because of some client-side data issues (e.g., 404 for addressing a non-existing resource).
  • Response codes 5 XX indicate that an IS side error occurred during the request processing (e.g., when a DB is temporarily unavailable).

Response Body with Errors

Each response error includes HTTP code and JSON data with error description. It has the following structure:
  • error_code – integer error code;
  • error_message– text error description;
  • details – additional error details (format is specified to each case). Can be empty.
Sample error response:
"error_code": 0,
"error_message": "Unknown server side error occurred",
"details": null
Error codes:
  • 0 – UNKNOWN Unknown server error.
  • 1 - NOT ALLOWED An unallowed method is called. Usually is followed by the 405 HTTP status of response. For example, trying to request the PATCH method, while only GET/POST ones are supported.
  • 2 - NOT REALIZED The method is documented but is not realized by any temporary or permanent reason.
  • 3 - INVALID STRUCTURE Incorrect structure of request. Some required fields missing or a format validation error occurred.
  • 4 - INVALID VALUE Incorrect value of the parameter inside request body or query.
  • 5 - INVALID TYPE The invalid data type of the request parameter.
  • 6 - AUTH NOT PROVIDED Access token not specified.
  • 7 - AUTH INVALID The access token does not exist in the database.
  • 8 - AUTH EXPIRED Auth token is expired.
  • 9 - AUTH FORBIDDEN Access denied for the current user.
  • 10 - NOT EXIST the requested resource is not found (alternative of HTTP status_code = 404).
  • 11 - EXTERNAL SERVICE Error in the external information system.
  • 12 – DATABASE Critical database error on the server host.