iOS Localization: Adding a Custom or Updating an Existing Language Pack

Please note: this feature has been implemented in 8.1.0.

To add or update the language pack for Oz iOS SDK, use the set(languageBundle: Bundle) method. It shows the SDK that you are going to use the non-standard bundle. In OzLocalizationCode, use the custom language (optional).

The localization record consists of the localization key and its string value, e.g., "about" = "About".

  • If you don’t set the custom language and bundle, the SDK uses the pre-installed languages only.

  • If the custom bundle is set (and language is not), it has a priority when checking translations, i.e, SDK checks for the localization record in the custom bundle localization file. If the key is not found in the custom bundle, the standard bundle text for this key is used.

  • If both custom bundle and language are set, SDK retrieves all the translations from the custom bundle localization file.

A list of keys for iOS:

The keys Action.*.Task refer to the appropriate gestures. Others refer to the hints for any gesture, info messages, or errors.

When new keys appear with new versions, if no translation is provided by your custom bundle localization file, you’ll see the default (English) text.

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