Oz Liveness Web SDK

Oz Liveness Web SDK is a module for processing data on clients' devices. With Oz Liveness Web SDK, you can take photos and videos of people via their web browsers and then analyze these media. Most browsers and devices are supported. Available languages: EN, ES, PT-BR, KK.

Please find a sample for Oz Liveness Web SDK here. To make it work, replace <web-adapter-url> with the Web Adapter URL you've received from us.

For Angular and React, replace https://web-sdk.sandbox.ohio.ozforensics.com in index.html.

Web SDK uses HTTPS to work; however, it is possible to use HTTP at localhost and 127.0.01.

Oz Liveness Web SDK consists of two components:

  1. Client side – a JavaScript file that is being loaded within the frontend part of your application. It is called Oz Liveness Web Plugin.

  2. Server side – a separate server module with OZ API. The module is called Oz Liveness Web Adapter.

The integration guides can be found here:

pageHow to Integrate Server-Based Liveness into Your Web ApplicationpageHow to Add Photo ID Capture and Face Matching to Your Web or Mobile Application

Oz Web SDK can be provided via SaaS, when the server part works on our servers and is maintained by our engineers, and you just use it, or on-premise, when Oz Web Adapter is installed on your servers. Contact us for more details and choose the model that is convenient for you.

Oz Web SDK requires a license to work. To issue a license, we need the domain name of the website where you are going to use our SDK.

This is a guide on how to start with Oz Web SDK:

  1. On-Premise

  • Install our Web SDK. Our engineers will help you to install the components needed using the standalone installer or manually. The license will be installed as well; to update it, please refer to this article.

  • Configure the adapter.

  1. SaaS

  • This part is fully covered by the Oz Forensics engineers. You get a link for Oz Web Plugin (see step 2).

  1. Integrate the plugin into your page.

  2. If you want to customize the look-and-feel of Oz Web SDK, please refer to this section.

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