• Added descriptions for the errors that occur when providing an empty string as an ID in the addFolderID (iOS) and setFolderID (Android) methods.

  • Android: fixed a bug causing an endless spinner to appear if the user switches to another application during the Liveness check.

  • Android: fixed some smartphone model specific-bugs.

  • Security and logging updates.


  • Android: upgraded the on-device Liveness model.

  • Android: security updates.

  • iOS: the messages displayed by the SDK after uploading media have been synchronized with Android.

  • iOS: the bug causing analysis delays that might have occurred for the One Shot gesture has been fixed.


  • The length of the Selfie gesture is now configurable (affects the video file size).

  • Removed the pause after the Scan gesture.

  • Security and logging updates.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Android: if the recorded video is larger than 10 MB, it gets compressed.


  • Android: updated the on-device Liveness model.

  • iOS: changed the default behavior in case a localization key is missing: now the English string value is displayed instead of a key.

  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Implemented the possibility of using a master license that works with any bundle_id.

  • Fixed the bug with background color flashing.

  • Video compression failure on some phone models is now fixed.


  • First version.

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