Oz SDK Media Quality Checks

While capturing a photo or video, our SDKs perform a series of media quality assessments to verify that the resulting media adheres to our quality standards, thereby maximizing the accuracy of the analyses. These evaluations occur both before and during the capturing process. The specific checks vary based on the selected gesture. For example, if you select Smile, the SDK must confirm that you don't smile beforehand, whereas for Selfie, a subtle smile may be deemed acceptable. Below is an illustrative list of conditions we may examine.

  • There is a single face in the frame (no other faces).

  • The face is centered and frontally oriented.

  • The face is neither too close nor too far from the camera.

  • There are no additional objects that might cover the face, such as sunglasses or a mask.

  • The eyes are open.

  • The illumination is uniform, and the face is clearly seen.

  • There is no motion blur.

  • The overall media quality is not too low.

Should the check fail for any reason, such as closed eyes or the SDK identifying a group of people, no photo or video will be captured, and the user will encounter a timeout error.

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