Users and Companies

In this guide, you'll learn how to work with users and companies in Oz WebUI.

In the screenshot: button 1 – to edit a user, button 2 – to edit a company, 3 – to delete a user.

Adding a Company

  1. Click the Add Company button in the Users (or Companies) tab.

  2. Enter the name of the company and click the Submit button in the window that appears.

Adding a User

  1. Click the Add User button on the Users tab.

2. Fill in the fields:

  • Company – select from the dropdown menu. You can also add a company here by clicking the Add company button. You just need to fill in the Company name field in the new window and click Submit. Please note: ADMIN and OPERATOR can't belong to any company. If you choose a company for a user with one of these roles, it won't be saved.

  • Email – mailbox. It will be the user's login.

  • Password, Confirm password, or use automatic password generation by clicking the Generate password button. Next to it, the gear button opens the password generator settings window.

  • Last name and First name fields are mandatory to fill. Middle name is optional.

  • User type – select the user role from the dropdown menu. Please note: for CLIENT, CLIENT ADMIN, or CLIENT OPERATOR, you can also enable the Service account option. This option extends the authorization time. Please find the additional information on user roles here.

  • The Send credentials block of checkboxes allows you to choose where to send the credentials of this user: to you, to this user's email, or to another e-mail.

  • Can start analyses – you can disable any analysis for a user if needed. In this case, this user won't be able to make the appropriate requests.

Once you finish filling in the fields, click the Submit button.

Editing a Company

You can edit the company in the Users or Companies tab by clicking on the company in the list or on the Edit company button.

  • In the Edit Company window, in addition to editing the name, you can add Report Templates.

Editing a User

To edit a user, proceed to the Users tab and find the one you want to edit. Use the Filter tool if needed.

To delete a user, click the trash bin button near the user's name. Please note: a user cannot be deleted if they have any orders.

Once found, click the user’s name or the Edit user button next to it. A new window will appear.

Here, you can:

  • change the user’s email;

  • change the user’s password – mark the Change password checkbox and fill in the form that appears;

  • switch the user off if they are not active anymore – unmark the User is active checkbox;

  • change first, middle, and last name in the appropriate fields;

  • switch on or off analyses the user can request.

Managing Your Account

The user account can be opened by clicking on your username in the top-right corner. Next to it, there is the logout button.

  • In the Language drop-down menu, you can change the Web UI language. Please note: your choice won't affect the report templates, as these templates are being uploaded separately.

  • To change your password, click the Change password button. Fill in a password changing form that opens.

Once you're done, click the Submit button.

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