On-Device Mode

The common way of Oz Mobile SDK to work is the server-based mode, when the Liveness and Biometry analyses are performed on a server as shown in the scheme below:

But there's also an option to perform checks without server calls or even Internet connection. This option stands for on-device analyses.

The on-device analyses are being performed faster and more secure as all data is processed directly on device, nothing is being sent anywhere. In this case, you don’t need a server at all, neither need you the API connection.

However, the API connection might be needed for some additional functions like telemetry or server-side SDK configuration.

The on-device analysis mode is useful when:

  • you do not collect, store or process personal data;

  • you need to identify a person quickly regardless of network conditions such as a distant region, inside a building, underground, etc.;

  • you’re on a tight budget as you can save money on the hardware part.

Launching the On-Device Analysis

To launch the on-device check, set the appropriate mode for Android or iOS SDK.


analysisCancelable = AnalysisRequest.Builder()
    .addAnalysis(Analysis(Analysis.Type.QUALITY, Analysis.Mode.ON_DEVICE, mediaToAnalyze))


let analysis = Analysis.init(media: mediaToAnalyze, type: .quality, mode: .onDevice)

For details, please refer to the Checking Liveness and Face Biometry sections for iOS and Android.

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