Blacklist Check

How to compare a photo or video with ones from your database.

The blacklist check algorithm is designed to check the presence of a person using a database of preloaded photos. A video fragment and/or a photo can be used as a source for comparison.


  1. You're authorized.

  2. You have already created a folder and added your media marked by correct tags into this folder.

Processing steps:

1. Initiate the analysis: POST/api/folders/{{folder_id}}/analyses/

If you want to use a webhook for response, add it to the payload at this step, as described here.

request body
  "analyses": [{
    "type": "collection",
    "source_media": ["1111aaaa-11aa-11aa-11aa-111111aaaaaa"], // // optional; omit to include all media from the folder

You'll needanalyse_id or folder_id from response.

2. If you use a webhook, just wait for it to return the information needed. Otherwise, initiate polling:

  • GET /api/analyses/{{analyse_id}} – for the analyse_id you have from the previous step.

  • GET /api/folders/{{folder_id}} – for all analyses performed on media in the folder with the folder_id you have from the previous step.

Wait for the resolution_status and resolution fields to change the status to anything other than PROCESSING and treat this as a result.

If you want to know which person from your collection matched with the media you have uploaded, find the collection analysis in the response, check results_media, and retrieve person_id. This is the ID of the person who matched with the person in your media. To get the information about this person, use GET /api/collections/{{collection_id}}/persons/{{person_id}} with IDs of your collection and person.

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