Biometry (Face Matching)

The Biometry algorithm is intended to compare two or more photos and detect the level of similarity of the spotted faces. As a source media, the algorithm takes photos, videos, and documents (with photos).


  1. 1.
    You're authorized.
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    You have already created a folder and added your media marked by correct tags into this folder.

Processing steps

1. Initiate the analysis for the folder: POST /api/folders/{{folder_id}}/analyses/
If you want to use a webhook for response, add it to the payload at this step, as described here.
request body
"analyses": [{
"type": "biometry",
"source_media": ["1111aaaa-11aa-11aa-11aa-111111aaaaaa"], // // optional; omit to include all media from the folder
You'll needanalyse_id or folder_id from response.
2. If you use a webhook, just wait for it to return the information needed. Otherwise, initiate polling:
  • GET /api/analyses/{{analyse_id}} – for the analyse_id you have from the previous step.
  • GET /api/folders/{{folder_id}} – for all analyses performed on media in the folder with the folder_id you have from the previous step.
Repeat until the resolution_status and resolution fields change status to any other except PROCESSING, and treat this as a result.
Check the response for the min_confidence value. It is a quantitative result of matching the people on the media uploaded.
// you may have multiple analyses in the list
// pick the one you need by analyse_id or type
"analyse_id": "1111aaaa-11aa-11aa-11aa-111111aaaaaa",
"type": "BIOMETRY",
"results_media": [
// if you have multiple media in one analysis, match score with media by source_video_id/source_shots_set_id
"source_video_id": "1111aaaa-11aa-11aa-11aa-111111aaaaab", // for shots_set media, the key would be source_shots_set_id
"max_confidence": 0.997926354,
"min_confidence": 0.997926354 // quantitative score for this media
"resolution_status": "SUCCESS", // qualitative resolution (based on all media)
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