Best Shot

The "Best shot" algorithm is intended to choose the most high-quality and well-tuned frame with a face from a video record. This algorithm works as a part of the liveness analysis, so here, we describe only the best shot part.

Please note: historically, some instances are configured to allow Best Shot only for certain gestures.

Processing steps

1. Initiate the analysis similar to Liveness, but make sure that the "extract_best_shot" is set to True as shown below:

request body
  "analyses": [{
    "type": "quality",
    "source_media": ["1111aaaa-11aa-11aa-11aa-111111aaaaaa"], // // optional; omit to include all media from the folder
    "params" : {
      "extract_best_shot": true // the mandatory part for the best shot analysis

If you want to use a webhook for response, add it to the payload at this step, as described here.

2. Check and interpret results in the same way as for the pure Liveness analysis.

3. The URL to the best shot is located in the results_media -> output_images -> original_url response.

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