Oz System Lite

How to install the Liveness Server biometric processor


  • Contact us to get the docker image archive link and download the archive

  • Load the image to docker: docker load -i <path to image tar file>

  • Run docker: docker run -p {port}:80 -t ozforensics/oz-api-lite:{tag}

The container might need several minutes to start.

Main Parameters

The parameters are set by environment variables when starting the Docker container.

The following parameters are valid:

  • NUM_WORKERS – maximum for the analyses performing at once; might be different in different cases. Default: 16.

  • TF_ENABLE_ONEDNN_OPTS – used for acceleration. Default: 1, for AMD processors, set 0.


Interaction with the biometric processor is based on the REST API. The HTTPS protocol is used.

API Access Point

API access base URL: https://{hostname}/v1/face/pattern or https://{hostname}/v1/face/liveness depending on method (please refer to Oz API Lite methods).


  • {hostname} – the hostname and port of the deployed biometric processor server.

Example: localhost/v1/face/pattern

The API supports the following request content types ("Content-Type" HTTP header):

  • «multipart/form-data»;

  • «application/octet-stream»;

  • «image/jpeg» or «image/png»;

HTTP Response Codes

Response codes


200 OK

The method call completed successfully. The biometric processor response is included in the HTTP BODY.

400 Bad Request

The method call failed on the Client side. The error code is included in the HTTP BODY.

500 Internal Server Error

The method call failed on the biometric processor side. The error code is included in the HTTP BODY.

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