Oz System Lite

How to install the Liveness Server biometric processor


  • Contact us to get the docker image archive link and download the archive

  • Load the image to docker: docker load -i <path to image tar file>

  • Run docker: docker run -p {port}:80 -t ozforensics/oz-api-lite:{tag}

The container might need several minutes to start.

Main Parameters

The parameters are set by environment variables when starting the Docker container.

The following parameters are valid:

  • NUM_WORKERS – maximum for the analyses performing at once; might be different in different cases. Default: 16.

  • TF_ENABLE_ONEDNN_OPTS – used for acceleration. Default: 1, for AMD processors, set 0.


Interaction with the biometric processor is based on the REST API. The HTTPS protocol is used.

API Access Point

API access base URL: https://{hostname}/v1/face/pattern or https://{hostname}/v1/face/liveness depending on method (please refer to Oz API Lite methods).


  • {hostname} – the hostname and port of the deployed biometric processor server.

Example: localhost/v1/face/pattern

The API supports the following request content types ("Content-Type" HTTP header):

  • «multipart/form-data»;

  • «application/octet-stream»;

  • «image/jpeg» or «image/png»;

HTTP Response Codes

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